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St. Peter`s Church

Location: N56° 56` 51.1", E24° 6` 33.55" | Website: peterbaznica.riga.lv/

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One of the most remarkable gothic style churches in the whole Baltic region is St. Peter’s church. This building was built as the church of the Riga city council, and was first mentioned in 1209. In congregation of St. Peter’s Church mostly were the privileged traders of the Great Guild and craftsman of the Small Guild. It was a place of the city political representation, which was in a constantcompetition of the bishops’ residency – the Dome church.

From the three scope hall type stone building which was built in the middle of the 13th century, the middle part of the today’s church is partially preserved. The first public clock was installed in tower in the 14th century. The construction of the new altar and side scope valve construction under the guidance of Rostock builder Johann Rumeshotel was started in 1408-1409, taking Rostock St. Mary’s church as an example. Altar was baptized on 1418. This part of the building is excels with slimness of proportions - characteristic to the great gothic, impressive sizes and save construction. Reconstruction works of the old castle of the 13th century were done during 1456-1466. Both parts of the building were completely connected around 1470 by creating a magnificent three scope basilica.

Reformation movements and all the pogroms connected with it started in 16th century, demolishing town council, blackhead and other society altars and installations of the most churches. The church started to gradually change from the cult building into the symbol of power, which held politic and economic power. On the first part of the 16th century, the large sacristy was built by the Northern wall between the counter forces, which was later called the chapel of the Bride. The tower of St. Peter’s church was drawn in the graphic image of Riga panorama.

The tower and church equipment, together with the surrounding buildings were destroyed in a fire in 1677.  

Tower of St. Peter’s church was drawn in the oldest graphic image of Riga panorama, which was issued in “Cosmography” written by Sebastian Münter.

St. Peter’s church has been rich with the holy reliquaries and praying places already in medieval times – there have been more than 20 altars. City administrators and separate corporations were taking care of the maintenance of the church.  

Church received its altars as the gifts from the Blackheads union and carriers union, which ordered to make a new altarpiece for their altar in 1460. 

The tower burned down during the fire caused by a lightning in 1721. Plank valve collapsed and the inner premise of the church also burned thoroughly. The building had to be renewed again, together with the creation of a new interior.