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Location: N57° 42` 50.5", E27° 3` 36.16"

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

Suur Munamägi (Great Egg Hill), 318 metres above sea level, is the highest point in Estonia and other two Baltic countries. It is located in the middle part of Haanja uplands. According to a legend the hill was created by Estonian epic Kalevipoeg. Kalevipoeg came home from Pskov, death tired and wanted to have some rest. For a pillow he swept with hands and collected some sand and pebbles to make his nap more comfortable. This is how Suur Munamägi was born.  

On the top of the mountain there is an observation tower where the splendid view from 346.7 metres is 50 kilometres in radius in good weather. The first tower was built in 1812 by Tsarist Russian soldiers. It is the subject of a folk legend: it was supposedly destroyed because it confused ships headed toward the coast. The current tower is the sixth in line and was built in 1939. After reconstruction in 1969 it became 29.1 metres tall. It was profoundly renovated once more in 2005. Now the tower has an elevator. In 2015 Suur Munamägi had 37,364 visitors.