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Jonas Basanavičius (1851-1927) is a Lithuanian public figure, the signer of the Act of Independence, a physician, a folklorist, one of the founders of the newspaper “Aušra” (Dawn), the initiator of Lithuanian Science Society. Jonas Basanavičius is a symbolic figure of Lithuanian national revival, often called "the patriarch of the nation." 

1. Jonas Basanavičius native homestead. The house, the barn and other outbuildings were restored. The exposure, reflecting Jonas Basanavičius’ life and activities, was equipped. Old household items and utensils were collected in the surroundings of Ožkabaliai and Bartninkai. Address: 17 Gimtinės St, Ožkabaliai, Bartninkai municipality, Vilkaviškis district. Telephone (8 ~ 342) 69 365, Fax: (8 ~ 342) 69 365, email: j.basanaviciaus.gimtine@lnm.lt . The site on the Internet http://www.lnm.lt  

Guides lead excursions: May - September Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., on Saturdays from 10a.m. to 6 p.m., guided tour services on Sundays should be booked in advance. October - April: Tuesday - Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sundays, Mondays closed. The tickets cost 0.60 €. Guided tours: a tour of the homestead - 6 €, a tour of the oak-wood - 8 €, a tour of Bartninkai historic places - 15 €. Educational Programme: An educational programme for students (a group of up to 25 people) 8 €, educational program for adults (group of up to 20 people) 2 €. 

2. The Oak-wood of Lithuanian National Revival. Oaks were planted in the area of 30 hectares on the picturesque hills of Ožkabaliai. Currently the oak-wood occupies 39.4 hectares, there are 13 groves: the ring of the Movement of the Seimas, the Memory of the Nation, the Nation Unity, Victims of Repression (Memorial of the victims of 13th January and Medininkai), Book Carriers, J.Basanavičius Prize winners, Vilkaviškis Residents, Youth, Baltic, Lithuanians in the World, Signatories of the Act on 16th February, 11th March, 11th March Restoration of Independence Act Signatories. More than 8,400 trees grow in the thirteen oak groves. 

The trail to the oak-wood begins from the symbolic gate - the sculpture created by Daumantas Kučas and built in 1995. The oak-wood is decorated with th sculptures and wood carving works designed by the students of Vilnius Art Academy. 

In the Memory of the National oak grove there are oaks planted for people who glorified Lithuania: Dr. Jonas Basanavičius, Daukantas, Antanas Poška, Vydūnas, the Presidents of Lithuanian Republic, the other high-profile people. 

The nominal trees in the grove of the Victims of Repression were planted in memory of the victims of the 13th January and Medininkai. The young sculptors of M.K. Čiurlionis Art School chiselled the names of the victims on the field stones next to each tree. There are also trees planted in memory of the Lithuanian people who perished in Siberia, and the countrymen scattered in the world. 

On the highest place of the oak-wood, on the Altar Hill, there lies a huge boulder, with carved signs which represent ethnographical and mythological model of the concept of the Baltic world. This oak mountain has become the place of the emerging traditions and ancient festivals, mentioning memorable dates.