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Paežeriai manor

Location: N54° 38` 21.9", E22° 58` 44.0" | Website: paezeriai.info/apie-mus/istorija-4/lt/

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Paežeriai Manor is the most unique of Sūduva mansions having cultural heritage of historical, architectural, urban and landscape value. In 1992 the manor complex was included in the list of the objects in storage as of the cultural value and is considered as one of the most expressive transitions from baroque to classicism period mansions homestead ensembles in Lithuania.

The start of Paežeriai should reach the oldest times of mansions creation in Sūduva in the 16th and 17th centuries, when this region was extensively accommodated. 

A chestnut alley leads to Paežeriai Manor. A parterre stretches in front of the palace facade. Outside the palace, in the northern part of the former canal toward the shore of the lake once a poplar alley, formed in terraces in the part of the park, stretched. The neo-gothic style Belvedere tower is in the south-western side of the manor. There is also an ice-house building and the former manor sty. The old oak tree growing in the parterre, according to a legend, was planted on the occasion of the establishment of the estate. Paežeriai Park and garden, covering 12 hectares, adjoins the Paežeriai Lake in the northern part. It is a mixed type park with flowing ponds and surviving lime alleys. 

Vilkaviškis Region Museum has been in the Paežeriai palace since 1997. In 2009 the Belvedere Tower was renovated. The building was equipped with a permanent ethnographic and household exposure, the inter-war period study and dining room. There is also an exposure prepared for the patron of the Museum, the artist M.B.Stankūnienė and her family. A silk-screen printing exhibition "The Old Kybartai” is equipped in the Belvedere tower. Educational events are organized as well. It has become a tradition to hold Sūduviai crafts festivals, which bring together all the old craft experts, in the courtyard of the estate each year. 

Legends of Paežeriai Manor, an encounter with a ghost in the basement of the mansion. After sightseeing in the palace, you will hear legends and various stories concerning the history of the estate. You will draw a ghost and choose the best illustration of the most interesting legend. The duration is 1 hour. Participants are children of all ages and students. 

Paežeriai manor and park (with the attendance of the tower). The theatrical tour of the mansion and the park. You will find out about the history of the estate from the end of the 18th century to the beginning of the 21st century. You will get more knowledge about the history of the Gauronskiai and the Oginskiai families, the architecture of the palace, the trees and alleys of the park. M.K. Oginski work - polonaise "Farewell to the Homeland" is going to be listened to. The tour ends attending the Manor, everyone climbs 104 steps to the Belvedere tower. 

The annual summer music “Paežeriai Manor Festival”. It has immediately won sympathy and positive evaluations not only of music lovers but also of music critics. The festival provides listeners an exciting chamber music programmes and arts fusion projects, brings together high-skill performers, and fosters professionalism. The events of "Paežeriai Manor Festival” take place in Paežeriai Palace Park, the palace hall, Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cathedral in Vilkaviškis, Vilkaviškis Culture Centre, Marijampole cultural and educational centres.