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Vištytis Regional Park

Location: N54° 25` 59.9", E22° 46` 59.9" | Website: vistytis.lt/

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

Vištytis Regional Park is in the south-western part of Lithuania. Its territory includes the western part of Vištytis-Gražiškiai highlands. It is the highest place in Lithuania and the Baltic highlands. Vištytis elevation occurred in the last glacial period, at the junction of the Central and Western Lithuania glacial flow. In Vištytis Regional Park there are large forests - Vištytgiris, Drausgiris, Pavištytis. There are also small bogs and mires, lakes. There are even two cognitive paths (the long - 7 km and the short - 2.4 km). 7 grade students are recommend to visit the shorter trail. Enjoy colourful Šilelis cognitive paths, where around a rare beauty of the landscape, there are tours full of excitement and adventure. The journey begins from a reference mark on the runway which represents the start.

1. The cliff

When traveling along the Šilelis trail, on the shore of the lake Vištytis you reach the sandy outcrop. This place is favourite of park visitors and holidaymakers.

2. "Witch's Broom"

"Witch's Broom" is a woody plant disease when tree branches densely grow up and look like a tuft or broom. "Witch’s broom" can occur because of a variety of fungi, viruses, insects, less bacterial exposure. Phenology of such plants undergo severe changes: spring buds burst 2-6 weeks earlier than on the healthy tree branches. If a tree has many "witch’s broom", it is weakened. "Brooms" have no blossoms and hence the fruit. "Witch’s broom" appears on pines and spruces.

3. Hollow trees

The bark of surrounding trees is cracked. This is probably the work of lightning. The wood in the wound place is a little rotten. This is immediately pointed by woodpeckers. These forest inhabitants of chisel open hollows with their powerful beaks. Even squirrels can stay in such hollows. Be attentive - at this point you can see some squirrels.

4. Vištytis Lake

It is the fourth largest lake in Lithuania, with an area of 1820 ha but only 381 hectares belong to Lithuania. The length of the lake Vištytis is 8.5 km, its maximum width is 4.2 km, and the maximum depth is 50 m. This is one of the cleanest, most transparent, oxygen-rich lakes. Plants and animals are found profusely. The Vyžainos River from neighbouring Poland and many other rivers flow into the lake.

5. The highest spruce tree

The spruce trees grow to an average of 20 - 25 m high, and this tree has a height of 30 meters. It is a rare phenomenon in our area. Especially because this place is not a typical spruce habitat.

6. A Holy Spring

It is a fresh water trickle coming up from the ground. People’s stories show that some time ago in the past the water of the spring was extraordinary, it was enough to moisten the eyes and the blind could see things clearly, hardly healing wounds closed up quickly. Believing in the magical power of the spring even now people build up and bless crosses here. The spring is extremely popular with the believers.