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Tartu Angel's Bridge

Location: N58° 22` 46.5", E26° 43` 3.45"

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

Angel's bridge is a bridge in Toomemägi (Dome Hill) in Tartu. The first temporary bridge was established there in 1816, the current bridge was built in 1836. In 1913 during renovation works, the bar relief of the first rector of Tartu University, Georg Friedrich von Parrot was placed there. On the other side of a bridge there stand the Latin words: ''Otium reficit vires'' which mean ''relaxation gives strength''. The saying encourages people to walk and have a rest on Toomemägi Hill.  

The name of the bridge comes probably from the name ''English bridge'' as the part of a park which was established in the English style.
In 1913 the other, darker bridge was established in Toomemägi , which in contrast was named as a Devil's Bridge.