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Location: N55° 59` 9.99", E22° 15` 10.0"

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

Telšiai is the capital of Samogitia. It is situated on seven hills, from the east and west surrounding Mastis Lake renowned for legends. A tiny stream Telšė flowing into the Mastis Lake gave the name to the city. Telšiai is mentioned in historical sources from 1450. In the end of the 18th century the town was granted the Magdeburg rights and soon Telšiai became a cultural and political centre of Samogitia. The beautiful old town of Telšiai is declared an urban monument. The late Baroque-classicist style church (from 1926 Telšiai cathedral), built at the end of the 18th century, stands on the highest hill of the city. The residence of Diocese is located in it and there is a seminary as well. It‘s possible to know about the local history of Telšiai in Samogitian museum "Alka". Telšiai district attracts by its nature, ancient mounds, hills, mysterious lakes, cultural, culinary and historical heritage and an active cultural life. There are a lot of festivals, celebrations and other events. According to a legend Telšiai was founded by the ancient Samogitian mighty man Džiugas. Near the town there is a mound named on behalf of the hero. He mounded it himself, and appointed to be his grave. His body was buried in the mound and was protected by devils, as he used to get on well with them. With devils’ help Džiugas would blast thousands of crusaders and break centuries-old oaks like reeds and demolish the highest mountains with his iron bludgeon. He dug up the Telšiai Lake and set up his first farm. 

• Samogitian Village Museum, 5 Malūno St, Telšiai, Tel. (8 444) 70266, (8 444) 70001, mob. 8 688 42566 A lot of household utensils, agricultural implements, and furniture are exhibited in authentic Samogitia village buildings of the end of the 19th century- the beginning of the 20th century in the area of 7.5 ha. 

• Samogitioan museum „Alka“, 31 Museum St, Telšiai. Tel. (8 444) 70282. The museum is ethnographic. There are ethnographic, archaeological collections, folk application and fine art works, historical collections, estates cultural heritage of rich scientific archive. 

• Mastis Lake shore is an important part of Telšiai city recreational areas for recreation, leisure of the residents and a place to organise various large-scale public events. The existing facilities have been upgraded and the new pedestrian and cycle lanes (formed footpaths network) have been installed in a part of the bank of Mastis Lake. The territory is equipped with the lighting system equivalent to modern technical and safety requirements. There are children playgrounds, a marina, a beach for recreation and sports. A Sculpture Park is also founded on the lakeshore. 

Telšiai places of interest: Telšiai St. Anthony of Padus Cathedral, Telšiai Orthodox St. Mikalojus Church, Telšiai yeshiva, Blessed Saint Mary of the Assumption Church, First Telšiai City School, A.Jonušas’ Samogitioan-Japanese-Chinese Homestead-Museum, 88 Muziejus St, Telšiai. Mob. 8 674 19308.