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Location: N58° 57` 9.29", E23° 31` 57.8"

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates


Pjotr Tchaikovsky is a world-famous Russian composer. He is considered a founder of Russian classical symphony and the developer of Russian ballet. One of his masterpieces is an opera 'Eugene Onegin'. The ballets 'Swan Lake' and 'The Nutcracker' are also world-famous.  

The composer stayed in Haapsalu in 1867. His favourite place was the seashore near Tagalaht where he loved to walk and admire the sunrise. In Haapsalu, Tchaikovsky continued to work on his opera "Voevoda" and composed the cycle of piano pieces "Souvenir de Hapsal". 

To commemorate him, a memorial bench by Roman Haavamägi was erected on the Promenade in 1940. The dolomite bench has become one of the symbols of Haapsalu. The first notes of the tune of the Estonian folk song ''Dear Mary'' were carved into the memorial bench. After having heard this Estonian folk song, he later used the melody in his famous VI Symphony. 

Today, the bench is equipped with a technical solution with the aid of which you can listen to the composer's music and information related to him in Estonian, Russian and English.