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Tuhala Witch's Well

Location: N59° 12` 2.85", E24° 57` 53.8"

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

Tuhala is an area in Kose community in Harju county, where the first signs of human activity date back to 3,000 years. The place is best known for its main attraction – Witch's Well, which is situated in the most active karst region in Estonia. Witch's Well is a periodically rising spring of an underground river running through the karst region in Nabala- Tuhala protected area, which overflows during times of high water. An old folk tale says that the Witch's Well begins to overflow when the witches of Tuhala whisk themselves in the well.  

The well is 2.4 metres deep and the water is brownish because it comes from the swamp. The first well was probably built there in 17th century. The well overflows at a speed of 100 litres per second when the surrounding river's rate of flow is at least 5,000 litres per second. This is one of the most unique natural phenomena in Europe because it is not an artesian well but the pressure of the water forms in the underground river.  

The overflow effect can be seen from one day up to three weeks. The last time when people could watch the spectacle was February 12, 2016.