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Üügu bluff

Location: N58° 40` 18.9", E23° 14` 12.0"

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

Üügu bluff, which is also called as Anduvälja bluff, is situated on the northern part of Muhu island. It is the largest beach ridge in Muhu being 450 metres long and more than 18 meters above sea level. The vertical wall is 6-7 m tall. The bluff is not at the seashore, because this is the ancient fracture of the Earth dating back many millenia to the times of the Limnea Sea. In spite of this, the view to the Muhu Strait is magnificent. The Army of Czarist Russia dug trenches there during World War I and dolomite was quarried from the bluff in the 19th century in order to send it to the factories near St. Petersburg. Now there is a juniper copse covering the bluff. Sea water has washed away some parts of the wall, so there are 4 bigger and 14 smaller caves in the buff. There are lots of springs near the bluff. It is believed that the biggest of them has a curative effect, so people have used this water to heal their eyes. They had to offer to the spring, otherwise there wasn't any effect. People usually threw silver coins into the water. 

It was told in the 30-s of twentieth century: In the meadow of Anduvälja farm there is a spring which flows to the sea from the bluff. This water cures the eyes but you have to bring gifts to the spring: iron nails, pieces of red yarn, and copper coins. A silver brooch should be thrown into the spring until the eyes are washed and after washing some silver should be scratched off the brooch into the water as an offer to the spring goddess.