• The learning process is entertaining and exciting
  • The solved tasks turn into coordinates
  • The chance to follow your progress
  • Along with your schoolmates and friends, go on an adventure, searching for hideouts
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Valgerand Adventure Park

Location: N58° 23` 12.3", E24° 22` 8.58" | Website: valgerannaseikluspark.ee/

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

Valgeranna (White Beach) is situated only 6 km away from the city of Pärnu. It has attracted holiday makers with its large sandy beach over the years. The place has got its name from the white and long sandy seashore. The beach which is lined with tall pine trees is safe and relaxing. Here is a playground for children, cafe' and a watch tower. There is also an Adventure Park. Valgeranna Adventure Park has a total of 6 trails. Each trail reaches new heights and you’ll gradually pass through more difficult obstacles. All trails are rewarded in the end with a speedy descent on a zip-line. Exciting and memorable experiences are guaranteed to kids and adults of all ages. Estimated time for completion trails 1-6 is approximately 3 hrs. 

You like hiking, there is a great nature trail which has 3 tracks: 500 metres, 1 km and 3 km circle. The shortest distance is suitable for beginners and children, the longest trail is also the toughest. 1-km trail has got electric lights, so you can walk there also in the evening. All trails start from Valgeranna promenade.  

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