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Evangelical Lutheran Church of Valtaiki

Location: N56° 41` 52.7", E21° 48` 6.12"

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Valtaiķi Lutheran church was built in 1792. Valtaiķi church is located 5km from Kazdanga palace, and although today it territorially belongs to Kuldīga region, it is very connected with Kazdanga. From the outside church is pretty simple, similar to many other Kurzeme churches. Valtaiķi church altar, pulpit, churchgoer stools, door set, organ prospect, galleries, organ and 15 stained glasses are art monuments of national importance. Valtaiķi is long populated place, and in written sources it was first mentioned in 1338, when Valtaiķi palace of Livonian order was built here (destroyed in 1583)

Church interior is made in style of classicism with rococo elements. Altar and pulpit is made by artist J. Konrāds. The altarpiece “Calvary” was painted by J.L. Eginks in 1833. Valtaiķi Lutheran church is important because of its beautiful and subtle stained glass, which was ordered by baron von Manteuffel at the beginning of the 20th century. Church organ is made by K. Bitner in 1855. 15 stained glasses are made at the beginning of the 20th century, and it is thought that they were made by Munich masters, with help from V. Purvītis. Chivalry ethos allegories are shown in altar apse window stained glasses – courage, piety, mercy and charity – in other 11 glasses events of the New Testament are shown. Coats of arms of Manteuffels and their spouses are inserted on the lower part of the windows, showing the family history. One window cost 700 golden rubles (for comparison – one cow cost 3 golden rubles). 

There is a monument by the church for the victims of 1905, where 36 revolutionary were shot.