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Old River Valley

Location: N58° 53` 3.83", E22° 25` 9.88"

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

Old River Valley is like a local 'Grand Canyon'. The stream with iron-rich water which source is in Tihu Lakes has carved its way through the sand dunes to the sea over a period of about 1,000 years. A small devious river is 6 km long and its banks are more than 6 metres high in some places. This area is a place where the European weasel tries to regain a foothold and the sea trout comes to spawn every autumn.

The banks of the river are liable to fall off, that's why the crash barrier has been made to surround the place. Every year some trees fall down, break the fence and let the sand flow. There are stairs which can be used to go down to the river and some small footbridges to cross the river. A small hiking trail can be followed under the pine trees. The forest is rich in blueberries and different mushrooms in autumn.
The local legend about the origin of the river goes this way: A man was walking home after a hard day's work. He was very tired and was also in a bad mood because his boss had made his day quite difficult and now he had to walk several kilometres home carrying a heavy shovel. He decided to stop for a rest and, still thinking about his boss, angrily thrust the shovel into the sandy soil so hard that it went about halfway up the handle. After a short rest, he tried to pull the shovel out of the ground but it would not come. He pulled on the shovel, kicked it, cursed at it and finally the shovel came out and water began to flow from the hole. The man walked off towards home grumbling to himself, never realizing that he was responsible for the beginning of this beautiful canyon.