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Location: N55° 4` 51.60", E23° 16` 8.39" | Website: jurbarkotic.lt/lankytinos-vietos

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Veliuona is a town in the eastern part of Jurbarkas district, on the right bank of the Nemunas. It is also an urban monument, historic landscape park. The town is situated on two levels of the Nemunas terrace - downhill and uphill. The bird viewing platform opens from Pakalnė. Evenings of short stories and Baroque Music Days are held in the town. Two Veliuona mounds about 30 m high, baileys, and the places of castles stand on the steep banks of the Nemunas valley. Junigeda castle, which was called Veliuona since 1315, used to stand on one of the mounds. It is believed that here, when the crusaders first used a firearm, the Duke Gediminas died and was buried. 

Veliuona archaeological mounds complex consists of:
1. Gediminas’ tomb. It is a possible death place of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas who died in Veliuona. There is a monument to Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas near the mound. There used to stand Junigeda’s Castle, built in 1291, on the mound. Since 1315 it was called Veliuona castle. In 1412 it used to be the place where Grand Duke Vytautas and King of Poland Jogaila would have diplomatic meetings with the representatives of the Order. 

2. The Castle or Peace Hill is considered as a separate mountain. It is separated from Gediminas’ grave by a deep moat. It was found that there could be the down castle of the first mound or a brick Veliuona Castle, rebuilt in 1412 by Vytautas, could stand there. On the mound there is the altar of the goddess Veliuonė. The altar reminds of pagan times (up to baptism in 1387.). It is believed that the name of the village Veliuona originated from the goddess Veliuonė. 

3. The Pilaite or Veliuona II mound is 2.7 km from the Veliuona I mound. It is argued that here in 1337 crusaders built a castle of two buildings, which was supposed to block Veliuona castle. Judging by the archaeological research, the castle was soon attacked and burned by Lithuanians. 

Veliuona History Museum was founded in Zaleskiai manor (classicism style architectural monument) built in the beginning of the 19th century. Around the building there is a park. Some species, rarely found in Lithuania, such as yellow poplar, larch, black, western red cedar and western Weymouth and many other rare trees and shrubs are growing there today. The museum contains ethnography, history, folk art exhibits, and furniture. Address: 2 Museum st., LT-74442 Veliuona, Jurbarkas district. Tel. 8 650 10394, 8 616 50154. Email: kvjura@gmail.com. Museum working hours: II-VI 9 a.m - 6 p.m. 

Educational programmes: 

THE ANTECENDENTS LIVED NICELY, an educational programme designed for grade 1-10. Location - Jurbarkas Regional Museum. One needs to have: paper, scissors, a pencil, glue. The goal - to familiarize with the folk traditions and customs, decorating and upholding old farmhouses, houses, furniture, rooms, courtyards and others. The theoretical part is an introduction to the old home decorating traditions, customs and the meanings of decorative elements. In the hearth hall home decoration images are watched on the screen to discuss with the guide. Practical part: children cut some trimmings, produce postcards or Christmas tree decorations. The elders learn to make a fence of sticks. The museum funds let you get acquainted with exhibits that speak about home decorating. 

The duration of the educational session is up to 1 hour. The number of participants is 10-12 for school groups. Package price - 1,50 € for a pupil. Conducting the programme for a group - 5,00 €.  Registration is required in advance tel. 8447 52710 or email: jkm@takas.lt 

MEDIEVAL FIGHTS WITH THE CRUSADERS. The programme is designed for visitors of all ages. It is held in Jurbarkas Regional Museum in the exhibition of „Medieval battles with the crusaders in the wooden castles by the Nemunas" and in the educational room, where you can see a wooden model of a castle. During the theoretical part the participants are introduced to the history of the medieval battles with the crusaders, the ammunition, weapons, and flags of Knights. Stories are told about the castles of the area. In the practical part, visitors can put on a ring shirt, grab arms, simulate knights’ battle, and take pictures. In the educational room they can play the game "The Conquest of the Castle“. The number of participants is from 1 to 25. The length of the program is 1 hour. One person - 1,00 € Conducting the programme for a group - 5,00 €.