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Location: N58° 21` 32.1", E25° 35` 38.1"

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

The bridge is located near Viljandi Order Castle. The bridge leads from Kaevumäe hill over 15-meter-deep moat and is 46 meters long. The bridge was constructed in Riga in 1879 by the company Felser & Co. At first, the bridge was located over the moat of Tarvastu Manor to make it easier for the owner of the manor, Karl von Mensenkampf, and his family to visit the chapel situated in the ruins of an old castle. The bridge was donated to Viljandi town by lord Mensenkampf in 1830 and erected amid the castle hills a year later. The bridge was thoroughly reconstructed in 1995. The renovated bridge looks like a bit different from the previous one. As the load-bearing wire ropes have been lowered, the bridge doesn't swing so much anymore. At the portal of the bridge there are three years: 1879, which represents the year of construction; 1931, which is the year of donation; and 1995, which is the year of the last reconstruction. The cost of the reconstruction works reached to nearly 26, 000 euros.  

The suspension bridge has become a favourite object of both citizens and visitors of Viljandi and one of the town’s important symbols.