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Viljandi old water tower

Location: N58° 21` 45.9", E25° 36` 2.81"

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

Viljandi was one of the first towns in Estonia receiving water supply and sewerage. Related to that,  

the 30-metre-tall red brick water tower was constructed in 1911 near the market place. It had small windows and the octagonal wooden upper part. Water was pumped into the reservoir of the tower from a 134-metre-deep drilled well. The water tank's capacity was 100 m3 of water and it stored 150, 000 m3 water a year. The tower was actively used for about 50 years until the new nine-storey water tower was built, which also contained flats for living. With the help of Viljandi Town Council, the Rotary Club and other donors, the building was renovated in 2001 as an observation tower. Since 2002 the tower has got a permanent exhibition. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful view over Viljandi lake and Old Town together with the photos and explanations on the map. Since 2014, the tower belongs to the Sakala Centre.