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Location: N56° 1` 29.99", E21° 4` 50.00" | Website: sventoji.lt/

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Šventoji is a resort town on the Baltic coast. It is situated on the left bank of the river Šventoji (there are 3 bridges over it), it flows into the Baltic Sea. In the settlement there is a 39 m tall Šventoji lighthouse, Šventoji St. Virgin Mary, Stella Maris, Church, a secondary school, a dispensary, and a post office. In the northern outskirts of Šventoji, where the village and the entire town of Palanga end, there is the Butingė oil terminal. 

A place of sacrificing in Šventoji. A pagan sacred place with palaeoastronomic Observatory, which used to stand in the 15th century on Birute's Hill in Palanga, was restored in 1998. Artists have carved white pillars of the gods: Thunder, Aušrinė, Austėja, Ondenis, Patrimpas, Patulas, Devil, and Lada. At sunset on the sea, the pillars can be used to calculate the calendar holidays: Rasos, Stork's Day, Mardi Gras, Christmas and so on. 

In 1966-1976 archaeological excavations near Šventoji took place and one of the most interesting Stone Age amber treasures was found. The sculpture in the place of sacrificing echoes 5,000-year-old 2-meter tall wooden pole with owls traits goddess mask found during the excavations. 

The enthusiasts of the old Baltic culture and religion celebrate the goddess Milda (13 May), Rasos (22 June), Equinox (March 22) holidays. Jore (23 April) festival, which is called the most festive celebration of Palanga pagans, attracts with its rites and ceremonies (in which the offerings of amber dust, dropping them into a bonfire and wishing or having in mind something good or outlining the most secret desires). Samogitian place of sacrificing is installed on the dunes with a beautiful countryside around. 

Šventoji Suspension Bridge is a pedestrian bridge across the river that leads to the sea. It has become a symbol of this resort town. 

Šventoji lighthouse is a metal building navigational mark 780 meters away from the sea. It was built in 1957 and has been responsibly rescuing vessels in the sea for more than half a century. The lighthouse light signal is visible from 31 kilometre, and in 1961 it was additionally equipped with a sound signal. Since construction times Šventoji lighthouse hasn’t been extinct for more than an hour. 

Visitors are not allowed to this lighthouse because of the fact that the lighthouse height is 39 meters and the staircase leading to the top is narrow and steep. The area is fenced and constantly overlooked by supervisors. Therefore, having seen Šventoji lighthouse from the other side of the fence, keep going. 

The old Šventoji seaport is located in the Šventoji estuary. Once upon a time merchants of foreign countries used to come there and it amounted to a serious competition to other ports, but in 1701 during the Northern War Šventoji port was destroyed and has never been restored since then, though there was some hope to restore it: various port restoration projects were prepared and once rebuilding was even started. 

The sculpture "Fisherman's daughters". It is said that this is the true symbol of Šventoji. It is Šventoji resort's ornament. 

Šventoji Church, whose full name is Šventoji St. Virgin Mary, Stella Maris, Church. 

The Game Way for small and large is equipped with „Little Hedgehog‘s trail“, „Hedgehog‘s trail" and "Forest for all". There are equipped resting-places, playgrounds ... The tracks are decorated with humorous and folklore wood carvings. The cognitive trail station introduces the local history and ethnography. Going along the trail you can read instructive sentences and questions about nature, and the correct answers will direct you to any natural monument, false - to a standstill. The main trail consists of several sub-paths: "Little Hedgehog‘s trail“ is for the youngest visitors, "Hedgehog Trail" is for a little bit older ones, "Forest trail" is for the older ones and "Witches' turn“ is for those who like fun.