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266.2. Concept definition, concept sign.

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Are figures from the picture are equal if their edge lengths are equal and angles at the adjacent edges are equal?
Similar figures. Line segment length.
Concept definition, concept sign.

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

  1. Algebra: Linear inequalities ax + b > 0, where a, b ∈ Q
  2. Algebra: Linear equations ax + b = 0, where a, b ∈ Q.
  3. Algebra: Rational number
  4. Algebra: Numerical normal form
  5. Algebra: Rational number
  6. Algebra: Functions expression with formula, table, diagram
  7. Algebra: Monomial fraction form
  8. Algebra: Abscissa axis
  9. Geometry: Point, straight line, plane, geometric figure.
  10. Algebra: Linear equations ax + b = 0, where a, b ∈ Q.