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2499.1. Geometric progression

Imagine that because of a successful coincidence you win the lottery. Amount is not excessive, just 3000 euros, however, you decide to deposit it in the bank. It is your choice where to deposit these funds. Since you do not want to wait for a long time, you decide to choose between two banks - the one where every month deposited amount will be increased by 5% (here you would deposit for three months) and the other where every month the amount will be increased by 3% (here you would deposit for five months). For calculations use geometrical progression!

Write the correct answer!

What sum will you get after 3 months from the first bank? (Round the amount mathematically to a whole euros)
What sum will you get after 5 months from the second bank? (Round the amount mathematically to a whole euros)

Check the correct answer!

In which bank will you receive more money, in the first bank in 3 months time or in the second one in 5 months time?

What is the difference between from percent obtained to the sum (excluding 3000 €) from the first and second bank in the first month?
Numerical chain
Geometric progression

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

  1. Geometry:
  2. Algebra: Arithmetic progression
  3. Algebra: Concept of numerical chain
  4. Geometry: Proportion of similar triangle perimeter and similar triangle areas.
  5. Geometry: peak, edge, face, prism (straight and regular) pyramid (also regular), cylinder, cone, sphere.
  6. Geometry: Line segment ratio.
  7. Algebra: Sum formula
  8. Chemistry: Natural substances and products.
  9. Geometry: Symmetry center, symmetry axis, central symmetry, axial symmetry.
  10. Physics: Types of information transmission.