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1043.3. Concept of reverse proportionality.

Tick the correct answer!

Is the given case an example of reverse proportionality?
"The deeper you dive in the water, the bigger the pressure gets."
Reverse proportionality
Reverse proportionality concept

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

  1. Geometry: Parallelogram, diamond, triangle, right-angled triangle, trapeze area.
  2. Algebra: Fraction multiplication and division.
  3. Physics: Research fundamentals in physics
  4. Geometry: Rectangular (S = ab, a, b - edges) and area of the square (S=a^2 , a - edge) formula.
  5. Geometry: Triangle indrawn in circumference, location of encircled circumference centre.
  6. Algebra: Rational numbers.
  7. Chemistry: Chemical periodic table and structure of the atom.
  8. Algebra: Solution of linear equalities and inequalities.
  9. Algebra: Albraic fraction.
  10. Chemistry: Laboratory tableware and accessories.