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2590.2. Combinatorics

Write the correct answer!

In shop are two different firms vacuum cleaner, five Electrolux and four Zanussi. How many possible ways are there to buy one vacuum cleaner from all offers?

Check the correct answer!

Do this actions describes sum or multiplication law?
Combinatorics, probability theory elements

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

  1. Geometry: peak, edge, face, prism (straight and regular) pyramid (also regular), cylinder, cone, sphere.
  2. Algebra: Equation with two unknowns (either 1 or 2 degree)
  3. Geometry: Triangle similarity signs.
  4. Algebra: Combinatorics
  5. Algebra: Function concept recess: Function root; growth-decrease; biggest-smallest value; value interval.
  6. Physics: Energy usage in everyday life
  7. Algebra: Variation, combination
  8. Algebra: Difference
  9. Geometry: Regular polygon, perimeter and area. Regular polygon indrawn circle, regular polygon indrawn in a circle.
  10. Chemistry: Obtaining metal from oxides. With chemical reaction equations.