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267.2. Concept definition, concept sign.

From which sign we can say that, both triangles are the same?

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Similar figures. Line segment length.
Concept definition, concept sign.

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

  1. Geometry: Angle, angle edges and peak, value, degree, measurement.
  2. Algebra: Ordinate axis
  3. Algebra: Proportionality factor k
  4. Algebra: Coordinate plane
  5. Algebra: Similar monomials
  6. Algebra: Mathematical expression. Algebraic expression.
  7. Geometry: Point belongs (or not) to the straight line (beam, line segment), half-plane, crossed straight lines, beam, opposite beams, line segment, properties.
  8. Geometry: Broken line and elements, elementary broken line, closed broken line, broken lines length, polygon, angles, edges peaks, diagonal, polygon perimeter.
  9. Geometry: Concept definition, concept sign.
  10. Algebra: Numerical inequalities and their properties.