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213.1. Identity.

Check the correct answer!

Is the given equation an identity?
1\times 2\times 3\times 4\times 5\times 6\times 7\times 8\times 9=9\times 6\times 4\times 8\times 5\times 7\times 3\times 2
Simple algebric expression transformation

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

  1. Geometry: Equal figures, line segments, lengths, midpoints, distance between two points.
  2. Geometry: Isosceles triangle, sidewall, basis, equilateral triangle, line segment mid-perpendicule, connection between angles and edges in triangle.
  3. Geometry: Point belongs (or not) to the straight line (beam, line segment), half-plane, crossed straight lines, beam, opposite beams, line segment, properties.
  4. Algebra: Notation –x < 3 vai x ∈ (– ∞; 3)
  5. Geometry: Three point mutual arrangement.
  6. Geometry: Inner unilateral and cross angles, alternate interiour angles, parallel straight lines, properties, and parallel signs.
  7. Algebra: Percent and proportions
  8. Algebra: Equivalent inequalities
  9. Algebra: Point coordinates
  10. Algebra: Notation –x < 3 vai x ∈ (– ∞; 3)