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2139.2. Average arithmetical

Best pupils will participate in excursion to Jelgava for free. School granted 75 euro finance. Membership is 18 euro. A table has been given where can are pupils marks and average arithmetics in subjects:(more than one answer is possible)

Which pupil can ride in excursion for free?
Statistic elements
Average arithmetical

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

  1. Algebra: Absolute and relative mistake of approximation
  2. Geometry: Circle in a triangle, centers location.
  3. Physics: Measurement.
  4. Algebra: ax² + bx = 0
  5. Algebra: Complete quadratic equation
  6. Physics: Physics language.
  7. Geometry: Square, its properties and signs
  8. Geometry: Diameter, which is perpendicular to chord, properties.
  9. Chemistry: Neutralisation reactions and calculations.
  10. Algebra: Fractions main property.