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1524.1. Squar, properties and signs.

Write the correct answer!

Draw in two points in coordinate plane A(2;3) and B(3;3). Draw a straight line through these two points. Afterwards put a point C (5;7). Through this point draw aparallel line to the already drawed line. What is the distance between both lines?
The distance between the lines is
Rectangular and square.
Distance between parallel straight lines.

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

  1. Chemistry: Laboratory tableware and accessories.
  2. Chemistry: Neutralisation reactions and calculations.
  3. Geometry: Parallelogram, diamond, triangle, right-angled triangle, trapeze area.
  4. Algebra: Fraction addition and subtraction.
  5. Algebra: Albraic fraction.
  6. Chemistry: Substance consistent invariables. Chemical formulas.
  7. Physics: Archimedes law.
  8. Algebra: Hyperbola.
  9. Algebra: Concept of reverse proportionality
  10. Chemistry: Neutralisation reactions and calculations.