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143.1. Research fundamentals in physics

Write the answer!

Read the questions or statements and choose the right step of research action!
1.In order to determine if the wind has an influence on the trip, Janis decided to take time while cycling to the gym and back.
2. It took 15 minutes for Janis to get to the gym, but 12 minutes back home.
3. Janis took the same road to the gym each day - even and horizontal road. Sometimes it took less time, but sometimes it took more time to make the distance.
4. In order to get to the training on time when headwind is blowing, he has to go out of home few minutes earlier.
5. What circumstances affected Janis riding with bike?
6. When starting the ride Janis pressed the button on his chronometer. When he reached the sports hall he stopped the chronometer. When he went home he again took the time of the ride. When going to sports hall he drove against wind, but drove by the wind when going home.
7. If headwind is blowing when going to the sports hall then it takes more time for Janis to get to the hall.
Description of the situation
Problem to be researched
Planning the work
Experimental activity
What is learned in physics?
Researching basis in physics.

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

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  6. Algebra: Solution of linear equalities and inequalities.
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  8. Chemistry: Laboratory tableware and accessories.
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