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1405.2. Letter - variable.

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Side length of equilateral triangle is d, but the length of base side is e. How the perimeter of the triangle can be calculated?
Simple algebric expression transformation
Letter - variable

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

  1. Geometry: Opposite, adjacent angles, perpendiculars against a straight line.
  2. Algebra: Monomial (1. degree).
  3. Algebra: Letter - variable.
  4. Algebra: Rational number
  5. Algebra: Numerical expression.
  6. Algebra: Similar monomials.
  7. Algebra: Letter - variable.
  8. Algebra: Conditioned inequality properties
  9. Algebra: Number interval and their types.
  10. Algebra: Variable value
  11. Algebra: Function y = x²
  12. Geometry: Opposite, adjacent angles, perpendiculars against a straight line.
  13. Algebra: Similar elements of polynomials.
  14. Algebra: Coordinate beginning point
  15. Algebra: Similar polynomials.
  16. Algebra: Similar monomials
  17. Algebra: Direct proportionality concept
  18. Algebra: Monomial
  19. Algebra: Polynomial highest term.
  20. Algebra: Concept of equation.
  21. Algebra: Number gap and their types.
  22. Algebra: Diagram y = kx + b (drawing)
  23. Algebra: Ordinary and decimal fractions
  24. Geometry: Three point mutual arrangement.
  25. Geometry: Inner unilateral and cross angles, alternate interiour angles, parallel straight lines, properties, and parallel signs.
  26. Algebra: Number gap and their types.
  27. Algebra: Monomial (1. degree).
  28. Algebra: Equivalent inequalities
  29. Algebra: Ordinary and decimal fractions
  30. Algebra: Numerical expression.
  31. Algebra: Direct proportionality concept
  32. Algebra: Coordinate axis and point coordinate
  33. Geometry: Internal one-way angles, internal intersecting angles, step angles, parallel lines, parallel line properties, signs of line parallelism
  34. Algebra: Functions expression with formula, table, diagram
  35. Algebra: Diagram y = kx + b (drawing)
  36. Algebra: Variable value.
  37. Algebra: Monomial normal form
  38. Geometry: Broken line and elements, elementary broken line, closed broken line, broken lines length, polygon, angles, edges peaks, diagonal, polygon perimeter.
  39. Algebra: Numerical inequalities and their properties.
  40. Algebra: Similar monomials
  41. Algebra: Proportionality factor k
  42. Algebra: Abscissa axis