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212.3. Chemical periodic table and structure of the atom.

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In which group chemical element Ba belongs to (answer must be written in arabic, addition to it A/B subgroup symbol, for example VIIB.)?
Insight in substances microstructure.
Periodic table of chemical elements and atom structure.

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

  1. Geometry: Parallelogram, diamond, triangle, right-angled triangle, trapeze area.
  2. Algebra: Irrational numbers.
  3. Algebra: Rational numbers.
  4. Algebra: Albraic fraction.
  5. Chemistry: Chemical periodic table and structure of the atom.
  6. Geometry: Triangle indrawn in circumference, location of encircled circumference centre.
  7. Algebra: Solution of linear equalities and inequalities.
  8. Physics: Archimedes law.
  9. Algebra: Reverse proportionality concept.
  10. Algebra: Fraction addition and subtraction.