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424.3. Metal chemical properties.

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Write salts formula, which forms in this reaction (if reactions does not occur type U) Ag + KCl →
Different materials and its usage.
Metal chemical properties.

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

  1. Algebra: Function concept recess: growth-decrease; biggest-smallest value;value interval.
  2. Chemistry: Obtaining metal from oxides. With chemical reaction equations.
  3. Chemistry: Substance transformation. Chemical reaction types.
  4. Chemistry: Hydrocarbon combustion. Calculations with chemical reaction equations.
  5. Algebra: Quadratic inequalities
  6. Geometry: Symmetry center, symmetry axis, central symmetry, axial symmetry.
  7. Geometry: Proportional line segments, similar triangles, coefficient of similarity, similar triangle properties.
  8. Physics: Energy usage in life.
  9. Algebra: Inequality systems
  10. Algebra: Sum formula