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1371.1. Mathematics expression. Algebraic expression.

Write the answer!

Write algebraic expression!
Doubled unknown x and number 12 sum
Simple algebric expression transformation
Mathematics expression. Algebraic expression

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

  1. Algebra: Numerical module
  2. Algebra: Numerical expression.
  3. Geometry: Circle line, center, radius, diameter, chord, curve.
  4. Algebra: Mutually opposite monomials.
  5. Algebra: Independent variable (argument) and dependent fixed (function)
  6. Geometry: Broken line and its elements, simple broken line, closed broken line, length of a broken line, polygon and its angles, edges, peaks, and diagonal, perimeter of polygon.
  7. Geometry: Equal figures, line segments, lengths, midpoints, distance between two points.
  8. Algebra: Opposite type inequalities.
  9. Algebra: Functions expression with formula, table, diagram
  10. Geometry: Equal triangles, equal triangle appropriate elements, similar properties and signs