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2511.3. Difference

Given arithmetic progression. It is known that one of the elements is incorrect. Determine, what is difference in this progression, which is the wrong element and corrects it!

Write the correct answer!

What is the string difference?
Which letter corresponds to strings incorrect member?
What number must be in the wrong values?
Numerical chain

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

  1. Physics: Energy usage in life.
  2. Chemistry: Substance transformation. Chemical reaction types.
  3. Physics: Universe research methodes.
  4. Physics: Electromagnetic wave formation and spread.
  5. Geometry: Regular polygon, its perimeter and area. Regular polygon indrawn circumference, circumference drawn around regular polygon.
  6. Algebra: Operation with algebraic fractions
  7. Geometry: Prism, pyramid, cylinder, cone height, basis. Cylinder and cone generatrix.
  8. Algebra: Numerical chain concept
  9. Chemistry: Substance classification.
  10. Physics: Types of information transmission.