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The combined figure consists of the triangle, the quad and the circle line. It is known, that the triangle is the biggest by the area, then the circle line and the smallest is the quad. Which of the porportions describes the given?
Circuit and area calculation for combined figures.

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

  1. Geometry: peak, edge, face, prism (straight and regular) pyramid (also regular), cylinder, cone, sphere.
  2. Algebra: Difference
  3. Algebra: Quadratic equation solution
  4. Algebra: Variation, combination
  5. Algebra: Quotient
  6. Algebra: Equation with two unknowns (either 1 or 2 degree)
  7. Chemistry: Calculations by chemical reactions.
  8. Physics: Labour and energy.
  9. Geometry: Line segment ratio.
  10. Geometry: Regular polygon, its perimeter and area. Regular polygon indrawn circumference, circumference drawn around regular polygon.