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3245.2. Point, straight line, plane, geometric figure.

Tick the correct answer!

Is the table surface best suited for the concept of a plane?
Introduction. What geometry studies. Geometric figures.
Point, straight line, plane, geometric figure.

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

  1. Algebra: Diagram y = kx + b (drawing)
  2. Algebra: Polynomial normal form.
  3. Geometry: Equal triangles, equal triangle appropriate elements, similar properties and signs
  4. Geometry: Axiom, theorem, verifcation.
  5. Algebra: Contracted multiplication formula: addition and subtraction square; square difference.
  6. Algebra: Similar monomials.
  7. Algebra: Number interval and their types.
  8. Algebra: Polynomial normal form.
  9. Geometry: Equal triangles, appropriate elementrs, similar properties and signs.
  10. Geometry: Opposite, adjacent angles, perpendiculars against a straight line.