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21.2. Researching basis in physics.

Write the correct answer!

8. grade pupils wanted to know, how fast elementary pupil can go with tricycle. Number these step in logical sequence!
Instruct pupil, that after command start he has to start riding and ride till finish line
Write finished distance and time
Calculate speed
Give command
Provide measuring tape and chronometer, as well as paper, pen for data register
Measure the distance to finish line
Inform participant riding speed and give a trophy as a thanks for participating
What is learned in physics?
Researching basis in physics.

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

  1. Algebra: ax² + c = 0
  2. Algebra: ax² + c = 0
  3. Geometry: Polygon angle sum, convex or concaved quadrangle, polygon diagonale.
  4. Algebra: Amplitude
  5. Algebra: Amplitude
  6. Chemistry: Substances consistency and structure.
  7. Algebra: Function y=√x
  8. Geometry: Circle, their elements. Secant.
  9. Algebra: Relative frequency
  10. Physics: Researching basis in physics.