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21.3. Researching basis in physics.

Write the correct answer!

Zane un Martins, in kitchen saw that, if pouring sugar, salt, flour and groats, forms different kinds of stacks, with different slopes. With bulk substances form and sizes. Youngsters decided to research, how these forms and sizes affect the height of the stack. Help arranging this steps in the correct sequence!
Pour 4 full equal volume bowl appropriate with flour, sugar, salt and groats
Record sequence, in which grows the height of the stack
Compare all stack heights
What is learned in physics?
Researching basis in physics.

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

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  2. Algebra: Quadratic equation discriminant
  3. Algebra: Complete quadratic equation
  4. Algebra: Numerical approximation.
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  6. Geometry: Pythagorean theorem. Right angled triangle signs.
  7. Physics: Substances structure.
  8. Algebra: Reverse proportionality concept.
  9. Algebra: Square root extraction
  10. Physics: Researching basis in physics.