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21.1. Researching basis in physics.

Read the questions or statements and choose the appropriate research step !

  1. To determine, if cross wind affects trip, John decided to measure time till gym and back.
  2. To gym John took 15 minutes, but back - 12 minutes.
  3. John rides to training every day on the same - flat and horizontal road. Some times he finishes this distance faster, sometimes slower.
  4. That means, to get to workout on time, if there is a cross wind, then from home he has to ride a little bit earlier.
  5. What conditions did affect Johns ride with a bicycle? 
  6. When John starts to ride, he starts the chronometer. When he is at the gym, he stops the chronometer. When going home John started the chronometer again. To gym the ride was with cross wind, but home upwind.
  7. If to the gym there was a cross wind, then to gym it took more time.

Write the correct number!

Description of situation
Problem of the research
Work plan
Eksperimental actions
What is learned in physics?
Researching basis in physics.

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

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