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820.3. Axiom, theorem, verifcation.

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Is it enough with the example to prove that angle α is equal to angle β.
angle ∠β = ∠BAG
Opposite and Adjacent angles.
Axiom, theorem, verifcation.

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  1. Algebra: Percent and proportions
  2. Geometry: Angle, angle edges and peak, value, degree, measurement.
  3. Algebra: Proportionality factor k
  4. Algebra: Coordinate axis and point coordinate
  5. Algebra: Linear function y = kx + b
  6. Geometry: Triangle its elements, angle opposite and adjacent edge, opposite and adjacent angle in triangle. Triangle median, bisector, height, triangle inequality.
  7. Geometry: Axiom, theorem, verifcation.
  8. Algebra: Coordinate plane
  9. Algebra: Identical expression transformation.
  10. Algebra: Notation –x < 3 vai x ∈ (– ∞; 3)