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2833.3. Different electromagnetic wave usage.

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The companion of the communications and reflects the .
Electromagnetic waves and its usage.
Different electromagnetic wave usage.

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

  1. Geometry: Circumference length, arc length.
  2. Physics: Electromagnetic wave formation and spread.
  3. Physics: The development of transport
  4. Chemistry: Metal chemical properties.
  5. Physics: Energy usage in life.
  6. Physics: Universe structure.
  7. Chemistry: Natural substances and products.
  8. Chemistry: Calculations by chemical reactions.
  9. Geometry: Prism, pyramid, cylinder, cone height, basis. Cylinder and cone generatrix.
  10. Geometry:
  11. Algebra: Operation with algebraic fractions
  12. Physics: Different electromagnetic wave usage.
  13. Chemistry: Substance transformation. Chemical reaction types.
  14. Physics: Electrification of a body and interaction of bodies electrification.
  15. Algebra: Probability
  16. Algebra: Equation with two unknowns (either 1 or 2 degree)
  17. Geometry:
  18. Geometry: Triangle, parallelogram, rhombus area formulas, through narrow angle sine value.
  19. Physics: Universe research methodes.
  20. Physics: Processes in stars.
  21. Algebra: Difference
  22. Chemistry: Substance transformation. Chemical reaction types.
  23. Geometry: Regular polygon, its perimeter and area. Regular polygon indrawn circumference, circumference drawn around regular polygon.
  24. Physics: Simple mechanisms.
  25. Physics: The transformation of energy.
  26. Physics: The transformation of energy.
  27. Geometry: peak, edge, face, prism (straight and regular) pyramid (also regular), cylinder, cone, sphere.
  28. Algebra: Numerical chain concept
  29. Chemistry: Substance classification.
  30. Physics: Labour and energy.
  31. Physics: Different electromagnetic wave usage.
  32. Algebra: Concept of equation system
  33. Physics: Electrical circuit characteristics and Ohms law in circuit.
  34. Physics: Types of information transmission.
  35. Physics: Labour and energy.
  36. Algebra: Combinatorics
  37. Algebra: Function concept recess: growth-decrease; biggest-smallest value;value interval.
  38. Geometry: Line segment ratio.
  39. Geometry: Fixture surface area, surface layout, figure volume.
  40. Algebra: Quotient
  41. Algebra: Quadratic equation solution
  42. Algebra: Variation, combination