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207.2. Atoms un ķīmiskie elementi.

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This chemical element is pronounced as "es". What is the symbol of this element?

What is the name of the element?

Insight in substances microstructure.
Atom and chemical elements.

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

  1. Chemistry: Chemical reaction equation.
  2. Algebra: Absolute and relative mistake of approximation
  3. Algebra: Incomplete quadratic equations
  4. Geometry: Curve angle value, center angle and indrawn angle.
  5. Physics: Optical phenomena in nature.
  6. Chemistry: Atoms un ķīmiskie elementi.
  7. Geometry: Area of a figure, measurement, main properties, same sized figures.
  8. Geometry: Trapeze, elements, trapeze types, trapeze properties, isosceles trapeze signs.
  9. Algebra: Incomplete quadratic equations
  10. Algebra: Different size units.