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3217.3. Fixture surface area, surface layout, figure volume.

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A triangle is called a axial split of the cone .
Geometric fixtures: prism, pyramid, cylinder, cone, sphere.
Fixture surface area, surface layout, figure volume.

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  1. Physics: Electrification of a body and interaction of bodies electrification.
  2. Physics: Simple mechanisms.
  3. Chemistry: Substance classification.
  4. Chemistry: Metal chemical properties.
  5. Algebra: Combinatorics
  6. Algebra: Equation with two unknowns (either 1 or 2 degree)
  7. Physics: Electrical circuit characteristics and Ohms law in circuit.
  8. Algebra: Operation with algebraic fractions
  9. Geometry: Regular polygon, its perimeter and area. Regular polygon indrawn circumference, circumference drawn around regular polygon.
  10. Chemistry: Natural substances and products.