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40.2. Soun

Write the correct answer!

Tom, who is located at the coast of Daugava 4 km from the source of the sound - music festival, sounds can be heard in two types - in air or in water. Sound which comes through air is delayed by 9 seconds compared to sound in water. Calculate the speed of the sound in water if you know the speed of the sound which is 340 m/s! Decrease the results to hundredth.
Sound nowadays.
Sounds reception.

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

  1. Physics: Lighting and safety.
  2. Physics: Physics language.
  3. Chemistry: Acids, bases and salts chemical formulas and names.
  4. Geometry: Pythagorean theorem. Right angled triangle signs.
  5. Algebra: Square root properties
  6. Chemistry: Accessories and equipment in laboratory.
  7. Physics: Movement diagram.
  8. Geometry: Trapeze, elements, trapeze types, trapeze properties, isosceles trapeze signs.
  9. Geometry: Pythagorean theorem. Right angled triangle signs.
  10. Geometry: Diameter, which is perpendicular to chord, properties.