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237.2. Substances with constant composition. Chemical formula.

Write the answer!

The substance H2O is given. Write, how big the relative molecular mass of the molecule is (round the answer to a whole number)!
Insight in substances microstructure.
Substance consistent invariables. Chemical formulas.

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

  1. Physics: Researching basis in physics.
  2. Chemistry: Chemical transformation signs. Chemical transformation causes and process.
  3. Algebra: Transformation of algebraic expressions.
  4. Geometry: Triangle median properties.
  5. Geometry: Area of a figure, measurement, main properties, same sized figures.
  6. Geometry: Circle in a triangle, centers location.
  7. Geometry: Figure heights. Same sized figure areas.
  8. Algebra: Algebraic expression transformation.
  9. Chemistry: Gas volume calculations.
  10. Algebra: Equation with unknown denominator.