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987.3. Absolute and relative mistake of approximation

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2 results are summed. 1 measurements absolute mistake is 0,15m, but the others relative mistake is 12%. What is this measurements sums relative mistake in percents
1m un 2m?
Numerical concept amplification
Absolute and relative mistake of approximation

Solve tasks to find hidden Geo point coordinates

  1. Physics: Movement characteristics.
  2. Algebra: Parabola.
  3. Algebra: Absolute and relative mistake of approximation
  4. Geometry: Pythagorean theorem. Right angled triangle signs.
  5. Chemistry: Acids, bases and salts chemical formulas and names.
  6. Physics: Measurement.
  7. Algebra: Relative frequency
  8. Algebra: Linear equalities and inequalities solution.
  9. Geometry: Rectangular (S = ab, a, b - edges) and area of the square (S=a^2 , a - edge) formula.
  10. Geometry: Circle in a triangle, centers location.