• The learning process is entertaining and exciting
  • The solved tasks turn into coordinates
  • The chance to follow your progress
  • Along with your schoolmates and friends, go on an adventure, searching for hideouts
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Terms & Conditions ot the learning platform

The learning platform geotask.eu – forward the platform, is maintained and administered by the associaton „Vidzeme Innovation Instrument”.

1. How to start using the platform?

1.1. Connecting to the system, creating a new profile and giving the needed information. The registration confirmation letter will be sent to the given email address. After the confirmation link is opened, the user is being registered on the platform and in the future will be able to authorize with the given data (email address and password).

1.2. Connecting to the system, using the Facebook account.

1.3. Registrating or authorising in to the system, the user agrees to use only it’s own authorization data. The user of the platform is responsible for the transfer of his authorization data to third parties or the use of other personal data.

2. The platform privacy

2.1. The manager of processing the data of registered users on the platform is the association „Vidzeme Innovation Instrument”, registration number 40008167929, address: Ormanu street 42 - 4, Riga, Latvia.

2.2. All data of registered users of the platform are protected in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Law and are processed basing on the consent of the data subject, provided upon registration or connection to the Platform.

2.3. Registered user of the platform (teacher or a student) agrees to the processing of the following data:
  2.3.1. The email address;
  2.3.2. The password (seen only by registered user);
  2.3.3. Name and surname;
  2.3.4. Giving the status (student or a teacher);
  2.3.5. Name of the school;
  2.3.6. The grade (not for teachers)

2.4. Registered user of the platform (guest) agrees to the processing of the following data:
  2.4.1. The email address;
  2.4.2. The password (seen only by registered user);
  2.4.3. Name and surname.

2.5. Registered user of the platform (student) agrees that, the personal data, that are seen in the user’s profile (name, surname, photo, grade, school, task activities and coordination detection) will be visible to the registered user of the platform (student and teacher). Other personal data will only be seen to the user of the platform administration. The user’s password is known only to the user, but after the request it is possible to change it or restore it.

2.6. On the platform registered user’s personal data can be transferred to third parties only with the consent of the user or, in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law, to the law enforcement authorities upon receipt of the relevant request.

2.7. The outsourcing providers do not have access to the Platform and the information contained therein, if in the cooperation agreement is not specified the procedures for accessing the data in the platform and the protection requirements, that are imposed on the outsourced service providers or it’s authorized persons.

2.8. The holder of the platform is entitled to collect the data about the website user, using the „cookies” to improve the services available to the users. The cookies are files, that websites place on user computers to identify the user and facilitate the use of the site. Internet browsers can be configured to alert the user about the use of cookies and to choose whether the user agrees to accept them. Failure to accept the cookies will not prevent the user from using the site, but this may limit the use of the system.

3. The main sections of the platform and the data seen in them:

3.1. Any interested person sees the information about the platform, it’s implementer and the contact information.

3.2. The registered persons of the platform see the information:
  3.2.1. Math tasks, that are divided in algebra and geometry, physics and chemistry tasks;
  3.2.2. GeoMap, where it is possible to choose the place to get the coordinates of and the platform will generate the tasks that need to be solved to get the coordinates. The user can choose the points in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia;
  3.2.3. The account information of registered user;
  3.2.4. The profile of registered user saves the information about the solved, the mistaken and unresolved tasks;

3.3. To the registed users of the platform (teachers) in addition to 3.2. it is possible to:
  3.3.1. To make the tasks and the tests if needed, to print needed tasks;
  3.3.2. To follow the general knowledge level of the class’s students after solving the tasks;
  3.3.3. To follow the knowledge level of specific student.

4. Insert the photo in the profile of the registered user:

4.1. In own account the user can add a photo, in which it is clearly visible and recognizable. It is not allowed to add a photo, where the violence, weapons, tobacco products, alcohol or narcotic substances, erotic content, communist or Nazi symbols are seen, as well as images that discriminate the members of other group, race, gender, ethnic or nationality representatives. Also photos with offensive or defeating inscriptions are not approved;

4.2. The holder of the platform is also entitled to block any other image that might be offensive to other platform users;

4.3. The manager of the platform will check the photo and will do it’s acceptance or blocking.

5. If the user has any questions, suggestions or uncertainties regarding the learning platform geotask.eu, it is possible to contact administration of the portal writing an email to info@geotask.eu.

6. To edit or delete the profile:

6.1. Registered users of the platform have rights to add, edit or delete the data, the content and the information given in the profile;

6.2. The user can be deleted from the platform, if the tresspass of the platform terms of use or activities, which are intended to mislead the platform manager or other users, as well as direct or indirect moral, ethical or material harm to the portal or its users will be detected;

6.3. The user profile will be saved until the user decides to delete it. The user profile can be deleted automatically, if the user has not used the profile more than a year. Ten days prior deleting the profile, the information letter about deleting the unused profile will be sent to the user. If the user wants to keep the profile, it needs to log in to the profile before the automatic deleting has happened. Also after deleting the profile, the data is stored in the platform database for no longer than required by the laws and regulations;

6.4. The profile can be deleted by logging in to the platform, clicking on your name and surname, then opening the part „Edit the profile” and the choosing „Delete the profile” and clicking in the „Ok” in the sheet „Are you sure you want to delete your profile?”

7. Doing the changes in the platform

7.1. The platform manager has rights to do any changes and additions to the terms unilaterally at any time, without any special notice. By registering and and re-connecting to the Platform, the user agrees to the terms of the use of the Platform, including it’s amendments.

8. Technical information about the platform

8.1. The platform is tested and runs on the following Internet browsers: Mozilla Firefox versions 27-32; Google Chrome versions 30-37; Internet Explorer Versions - 8, 9, 10, 11. In order to use the portal completely, the user needs to have 'Javascript' turned on.

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